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Welcome to Flinders Children’s Centre


At the Flinders Children’s Centre and Tji Tji Wiltja Preschool we are committed to providing a high quality, flexible educational program that is inclusive, equitable and accessible for all children. The Early Years Framework for Australia, “Belonging, Being & Becoming” is our guiding curriculum and from the learning outcomes we develop learning programs around: children have a strong sense of identity; children are connected with and contribute to their world; children have a strong sense of wellbeing; children are confident and involved learners; and children are effective communicators

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Health Support

Tji Tji Wiltja

Reggio Emilia







STEAM opportunities are many and varied at our centre and the children have been involved in a range of research inquiries including the weather, different life cycles, explorations around movement, as well as patterns and sequences found in Aboriginal art. We uphold a focus on sustainability and the natural environment inspiring us to create and collaboratively maintain a functioning fruit and vegetable garden.

Through the multi-disciplinary lens of STEAM a holistic approach to research and inquiry has stimulated critical and creative approaches to learning. Integrating STEAM into the children’s explorations provides opportunities for innovative and creative learning through trial, error, experimentation and problem solving. STEAM learning instils dispositions for thinking that will prove crucial for an emerging generation, working and problem solving in the 21st century.

Through an inquiry approach to learning we embed our child’s voice in all that we do, recognising the paramount importance of valuing and encouraging questions. We foster our children’s sense of curiosity by actively participating in, exploring, and questioning what interests them, honouring and sharing their profound sense of wonder.

Since incorporating STEAM learning through our research and inquiry pedagogy and are always amazed at the work produced and the authentic learning that takes place. Through the multi-disciplinary lens of learning we have witnessed our children embrace a love of learning which has developed significantly over the years. Hypothesizing and making predictions based on their own research has become information they are given. The children have become more confident in answering questions.

In mid 2019 the education team from Flinders Children’s Centre attended the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange Biennial Conference in Perth, Western Australia. On returning from Perth we were inspired to consider how Reggio practices could be used to enhance our own pedagogical practices. This was an exciting opportunity for the staff to work collaboratively to implement enriching new educational possibilities for our children.

We wondered how we could begin a Reggio inspired project that would follow the interest of our children as well as involving educators, families and community. This happened to coincide with our centre being given some milkweed plants that were host to some very hungry caterpillars.

And so began ‘Project Monarch’ which looked closely at the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly. We watched the lifecycle stages in real time allowing the children and staff to document the journey together. This was the inspiration for a published book detailing the rich and authentic learning of our collaborative inquiry. The book highlights our holistic pedagogical practices reflecting culture, nature and reciprocal links between our centre and the local community. The book has reached into the hands of Carla Rinaldi from Reggio Emilia in Italy as well as being used as a resource for The Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching at Flinders University.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book please give us a call they are available at our centre.

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Nature Play

Nature play is open ended, self-directed play that takes place in, and engages with the natural environment. At the preschool we take pride in being able to incorporate our nature play designed outdoor area into our everyday teaching experiences. Nature inspires us to explore, create and connect with the beautiful spaces the preschool has to offer. Educators work with children to encourage open ended questions and offer opportunities to extend learning through quality interactions in the natural learning environment.

Bush Kindy

We are currently working together as a team to take our learning beyond the fence line. This decision came about as we were keen to further extend ourselves to include both the wider environment and community. We want to provide a rich learning experience in which the children and their parents can explore the environment together, and in which the children can share and build on the skills and experiences they have so ably adapted to, and to be able to make their own. Watch this space as exciting things are coming….

Bus Run

The bus service is offered to families who require support to get their children to and from their allocated preschool session. We are one of the only Preschools in Port Augusta who offer this 24 seater bus service. We have a priority of access policy in place where children are assessed on a needs basis. The bus service was implemented to help combat low attendance rates and has been a great success since the service first started running.

Nutrition Program

Our Centre follows the Right Bite program and we are an advocate for healthy eating and life styles. We use the fresh produce from our preschool garden as well as from the local community green grocer. The program incorporates fruit twice a day and lunch for the children. With this opportunity the children are often involved in cooking experiences and helping to prepare the food for the day. This gives the children a sense of pride and belonging in the Preschool environment.