About us

At Flinders Children’s Centre and Tji Tji Wiltja Preschool we are committed to providing a high quality, flexible educational program that is inclusive, equitable and accessible for all children. The Early Years Framework for Australia, “Belonging, Being & Becoming” is our guiding curriculum and from the learning outcomes we develop learning programmes around: children have a strong sense of identity; children are connected with and contribute to their world; children have a strong sense of wellbeing; children are confident and involved learners; and children are effective communicators.

Staff at the Flinders Children’s Centre and Tji Tji Wiltja Preschool are inspired by principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy , nature play, STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which we implement, interwoven with other excellent early childhood education practices. We are strong advocates of nature play as we see firsthand everyday its benefits; children are developing their learning dispositions of imagination, curiosity, confidence, persistence, resilience, concentration; as well as developing their skills in problem-solving, self-regulation, resourcefulness, collaboration and ability to self-assess risk.
Respect for the child is evident in the way we strive to create engaging learning experiences and beautiful, respectful learning environments for the children.

We believe that every child has the right to beauty and our environment reflects this. We believe our environment fosters a smoother transition for children between home and Kindergarten, as the Preschool environment reflects the aesthetics of a soothing home environment. We recognise that every child is unique. We promote a strong self-image of the child and see each child as strong, capable and competent. We encourage children to share their experiences, ideas, working theories and curiosities and explore these with other children.

We encourage all children to be creative, challenge themselves and support them to take risks in their learning within the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We value the children’s “voice”. The children understand that they are valued as we listen to their individual needs, their interests, their prior knowledge and let their voices guide our learning journey(s). We recognise that the child has “one hundred languages and more”, and provide opportunities for each child to express themselves and learn through a myriad of experiences including through the use of “loose parts” in our indoor and outdoor learning environments. We have set up an atelier (art room) and propagation/ woodwork area giving children wonderful opportunities to create and engage with interesting materials and unique experiences.

We foster the whole child; their social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and provide opportunities to maximise their potential while they are in our care. We believe that children learn best through play and in a fun environment where children feel safe, secure and free to express themselves, take risks, challenge themselves, problem solve, explore and build resilience and persistence. We strive to find ways for children to connect to their natural environment and learn about sustainable practices.

We value relationships with children, families, staff and the wider community. We recognise parents as their child’s first educator and promote a nurturing, welcoming learning environment of trust and confidence where families feel comfortable to leave their children in our care. We strive to ensure that each child feels a strong sense of belonging to the Kindergarten environment and the peers and educators within it. We value parent and community “voice” and strive to make connections and develop authentic relationships with them. We aim to develop partnerships with parents and caregivers, not just superficial parental involvement.

We value staff diversity and recognise that all of our staff members are highly competent, passionate, dynamic and professional early childhood educators. We work together to embed a culture of equity, collaboration, openness, honesty, innovation and cohesion with a shared workload towards shared goals and vision. We foster a culture of learning, respect and growth for parents of young children and ourselves, and for ongoing dynamic and lifelong learning.

Nintringkupai Place of Learning


We believe that children learn best when they have access to experienced others in a scaffolded learning environment. Play is the cornerstone to which learning occurs, therefore it is supported in our program and through our interactions. Explicit and implicit teaching encourages children to develop greater understanding of new concepts, especially numeracy and literacy, and is taught at teachable moments throughout the day, and through our shared group times. Children are encouraged to explore their own ideas and share their thoughts with others.



Community & Family

We support all children and families to feel welcomed to our centre. This includes supporting diversity of language, diversity of learning, and diversity of culture. How we interact with children and families is how we promote our inclusive practices. Interaction therefore encumbers a diverse range of mediums both written and oral, and supports visual deliverance as a best practice approach. Our Aboriginal support worker and our Aboriginal Families Literacy Strategies teacher further support families through liaising and organising events and supporting culture.


Learning Environment

Our learning environment focuses on play, so our environment provides children with a stimulating challenging and well-resourced outside and inside play area. Staff are aware of the importance of age appropriate risk taking, and support learning through exploration and self-discovery. Through careful planning and programming, staff provide equipment and activities that children can modify to suit their own needs or curiosities. Child’s voice is a focus and a priority and we support it through our programming and through our environment.


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