Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Session Times

Monday—Thursday 8:45am to 2:45pm

Four year olds if eligible can attend the Centre 3 days per week.

Three year olds who are eligible can attend the Centre 2 days per week.

Preschool fees

Fees are $50 per term per child, family concession is $60 per family per term. Our Early Bird fee for prompt payment is $45 per child per term or $50 per family per term. To receive the Early Bird fee you must pay the Full Amount within the first two weeks, part payments or payment plans will not receive this special rate.

School visits and transition

Prior to your child starting school he or she will be involved in visits to the school of your choice, which you will take them to. These visits help your child to get to know the new school, the

teachers and classmates . The Kindy will give you more information on school transition when your child reaches transition age.


We celebrate the children’s birthdays at the Kindy by singing ‘happy birthday’ and giving them a birthday certificate. We ask that parents do not bring in cakes or other treats that are home baked as we have children with food allergies. Only shop bought items with ingredient labels can be brought in for sharing.

Core Business 

To create a learning environment based on play where children have the opportunity and encouragement to develop life skills and abilities in an environment which is safe, stimulating, challenging and inviting. A focus is placed on enhancing the Aboriginal culture with family and community support.

The Centre is located at 122 Tassie Street on the eastern outskirts of Port Augusta on the road linked to the Davenport community.

Our children come from all over Port Augusta, including the town Centre, Carlton, Willsden, Augusta Park, Port Augusta West and Davenport

community. Parents are encouraged to bring their children into the

Centre, however if transport is a difficultly, a bus service is provided for eligible families. We also provide a nutritional program that provides

children with breakfast, fresh fruits and lunch each day.

Our staff team consists of a Director, Literacy Teacher 1.0, Teacher 1.0, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, and Early Childhood Educators.

The Centre operates five days a week and offers an inclusive program based on the policies and documents DEEWER and DECD including the Early Years Framework, Literacy and Numeracy Indicators, with BBB( Belonging, Being and Becoming) and RRR( Reflect, Respect, Relate) being used to guide and plan for individual learning needs of children.